The most favoured kids are coloring because by coloring the kids will learn to use both of their brains, ie scraping colored pencils or crayons advantage in the picture. However, scratches are not allowed to come out of the boundaries of an image. This is what makes kids trained motoric cencor and also increases the creativity of kids. Therefore, at this time coloring pages will be needed by the kids. But in making the coloring pages also have to be good because this is for the kids. Some tips that can make the coloring pages in a simple but nice is as follows.


  1. Make a sketch of the image or you can pick it up on the internet. Give the margins of this sketch with thicker lines so that kids can clearly see the boundary lines of the drawing.
  2. Determine the theme of the image that you want to color. The theme is usually adjusted with the age or sex of the kids that will color the picture. We recommend that you use a theme also an interesting theme and can make kids feel happy to paint the picture.
  3. Use thick paper when you create coloring pages in book form. Kids will suppress crayons or colored pencils to hard. In order not to create an image on the behind page is damaged, so you should choose the paper rather thick.
  4. Select the sketch is not too difficult if this coloring book for kids. As for the adult kids then you can use a more elaborate sketches. With this then both kids and adults will be enjoying their coloring activity.

Those are some tips that you can do if you want to create a simple coloring pages to be easily accepted by kids who are just learning the coloring, but with a nice selection of images that are more attractive to kids’s interests.