Inviting kids to color is not an easy thing. There are a times when kids feel lazy to color because they feel tired. Or it could also because of your way to invite your kids to coloring is still wrong. Below are some simple tips that you can do to be able to invite kids with easy to coloring.


  1. Prepare the media for coloring. The media can also be a coloring book or gadget but you should prefer to use a coloring book.
  1. Prepare for coloring tool, the tool is in the form of colored pencils or crayons can also be used. Make sure the tool that you use is contain with environmentally friendly materials so do not harm your kids. Keep colored pencils or crayons has many color choices that the kids’s attention.
  1. If this is the first time your kids is coloring, then you can start with your first coloring on the other side of the picture. With this then your kids will be interested to participate coloring because with this then your kids will think of cooperation, note a task that he should do himself.
  1. When you was coloring with your kids, at this moment is your time to introduce the right color for each image. So they will remember it and will continue to apply even though at the time at school.
  1. Make sure you choose the right time to coloring, maybe when free time, so it will not interfere with your kids’s other activities. You can invite your kids to coloring investasi evening time or the other time that your kids feel good mood investasi coloring.

If you apply some tips like the ones above, then your kids will be happy to invite your coloring together. With this, your kids will have a good coloring habits for brain development.