Coloring it sounded very familiar. Caught a glimpse of others coloring in a drawing book look like doing work that is so light and so easy. Especially kids, they are very happy to do it. Apparently in the coloring activity that there are a lot of benefits. Among them to train the emotional and mental development for kids.

Kids can also channel their creativity and train his brain to work. Coloring also can be to eliminate the boring or saturated. For kids aged 3-4 years, coloring is could be a basic for us to introduce color to them. We just need to accompany and supervise them because sometimes their curiosity is high, they can bite or chew crayons or coloring pencils.


We do not need to prohibit what they would do. Although they do sometimes look less neat or may be dirty everywhere. Most importantly their fingers willl move, in order to train their motoric cencor’s movements because at the age of 3-4 years old kids had to practice grasping. As next basic education, if the age kindergarten, they start using pencil. Then the elementary school they wear a pen and so on. When kids aged 3-4 years can we practice making colored lines with crayons. Eg straight and curved lines. After that maybe we can give coloring books can be purchased in stores or stationery.

We select the related images to the environment. Like the stars, the moon and objects in the house that they use regularly. It serves to train their memory because at this age kids’s memory is very high. As parents, we would certainly want to always provide the best for them. Then we can begin to train them from an early age with a coloring activity. So, coloring is important for kids, with coloring your kids will became more creative and smart.