Parents naturally crave their kids grow healthy and smart. Getting to know about color is one of the lessons to shape their intelligence, particularly visual intelligence in kids. So that lessons about colors is easy and fun. Do you know that you can do some simples moment to teach your kids about color. These moments that was could done by parents with the kids is like this:

tech coloring to kids

Introducing colors to kids

  1. While eating and cooking

Parents can introduce some colors to the kids through a brief introduction of various colors in fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked. Fruits and vegetables that have different colors is a great tool for parents to teach the colors to kids.

  1. While playing

There are various ways to teach color at this moment. The kids’s parents together can create a color guessing game using paper folding or origami. Paper folding or origami usually have primary colors like red yellow blue. In addition, parents can occasionally invite kids to paint. Just set up a few sheets of paper and painters. Allow the kids to shed one or two paint what he saw on paper, then the parent can explain what happened to these colors.

  1. When walk around

When the kids invites you to walk around, do not forget to pay attention to the objects in around. Parents can tell things are encountered on the road such as trees, flowers and then mention the colors on the kids. With this, your kids will remember the color of each things that have they seen.

That’s three moments can teach your kids about colors. In addition to learning about colors, there are various efforts to foster the kids’s visual intelligence that awaits you to teach. But most importantly, do not forget to create an atmosphere of learning and playing kids patiently, comfortable and also happy.


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