One of the media in kids’s learning is a coloring book. This book is useful to enhance the creativity of kids and train kids to recognize the colors. But in making coloring books should also be true, so that kids can happy in coloring a picture of it. It is not uncommon for kids who are lazy because the coloring book is not has a good picture, or also because of the theme is not in accordance with the wishes of the kids. Therefore, you can make a nice coloring books, you should do this following:

Coloring book vegetable theme 3 - eps10 vector illustration.

Coloring book its a good ideas for kids

1. Choosing a simpler sketch
We recommend that you create a colring book by choosing a simple sketch. Because kids are still in the learning stage, so you must use a sketch with a much modest image in order to facilitate kids in coloring the picture.

2. Using a thick boundary lines to be easily to seen by kids
One thing that you must notice in makes the coloring book is you should make a sketch with thick outline. This is because kids will color up out of the boundary line. So that the results of coloring kids can much nice and neat.

3. Using a thick paper
Because this is for the kids coloring books, so you should choose thick paper. So the results scratches crayons or colored pencils do not perforate the paper in his back pages and can make the picture look good.

4. Using a cover in interesting and choosing themes preferred by kids
Another important point is the cover. Cover is first seen by kids and parents. So for the cover, choose with nice pictures so as to attract the attention of kids. By using the cover of interesting and good content, so book your image will be preferred by many kids.


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