Knowledge of color should have been given to kids before her school because it will help the develop a kids’s brain. Also he can much quickly respond when will already entered in kindergarten. There are some simple ways that parents can do to be able to introduce kids to colors, namely:


  1. Schedule clothes

This is a unique and simple way. In every day use a different color of the clothes in your kids. And say the color of the clothes that your kids pronounce and remember. Then your kids will be able to take the color of clothes according to the schedule on the day. Automatically, your kids will be able to remember the basic colors though before he entered school.

  1. Fruit

In addition to kids’s healthy for digestion, the fruit is also a great media to introduce color for your kids. Choose fruits that have a variety of colors as your kids everyday consumption. So in addition to the taste of the delicious fruit, your kids can also recognize colors on each fruit.

  1. Flowers in the garden

If you have a garden, you can introduce the color of the leaves and the colors of the flowers in your garden. If your kids is already a little familiar about color, he would spontaneously mention the flower color and leaf color in your garden.

  1. The color of the objects in the house

By the time your kids is already getting to know the color, then you can teach your kids to name the color of the goods or equipment in the house. With this then your kids will be more familiar with colors.

In teaching or introduce color on a kids, then the required processes and stages. By this kids will be able to remember more of the color and does not seem forced.