In the world of kids, seem to be separated from the coloring activity. Both boys and girl, they would love for coloring because according to the kids, coloring is a very pleasant thing. Scraping crayons or colored pencils to an image, that it can create a new character in the picture is a wonderful thing for the kids. Other than to make kids happy, by coloring also can make kids more critical and more careful because the kids will learn how to choose a suitable color so that it can look like the real, as well as how to keep the pencil strokes of color was not out of line.


It will be necessary precision and to caution that extra for kids, but they will learn if the good work will certainly produce good pictures too. So with coloring they will learn many things, but of course parents should know how to choose a nice coloring pages for kids.

  1. The theme appropriate to the age of your kids or your kids’s favorite theme

First, parents should pay attention to the theme of coloring pages. Here parents has a role to ensure that the chosen theme is a theme that matches with your kid’s age, and themes should also be favored by your kids. This is can make kids are more happy in coloring a picture of it.

  1. Sketch a picture that is easy to color

The second thing that must be considered by parents in choosing coloring pages for kids is the sketch. If your kids still learn coloring, then make sure that you select the sketch is a easy sketch for your kids to color. Sketch that used is simple and has a lot of empty space so that kids are easier to give color to the picture.