Did you know that the coloring can enhance the creativity of kids? Because the coloring, both of the kids’s brain will work rhythmically. Both the right brain and the left brain will be stimulated when the kids while coloring. So what should you do in order to boost your kids creativity with coloring?


  1. Create a schedule for coloring with your kids

The first is to create a schedule of coloring between you and your kids. If you participate in a coloring pictures, then your kids will feel happy in coloring the pictures because he thinks you while inviting him to play.

  1. Choose a topic that is in accordance with what he likes

Second, choose a topic or theme that kids prefer. For instance on a vehicle he usually ride, super hero that he might see, or it could be a cartoon character that may be he saw every day.

  1. Coloring with sketch

Certainly for the start, choose a picture book that uses the sketches that has an examples. With this, kids can match the color on the color in sample with pencil color that he would use.

  1. Thicken sketch in the picture

After being able to coloring with good, then teach your kids to learn to bold colors. By this so he will learn to create straight lines, curved lines, and some other forms.

  1. Train your kids to draw pictures to be colored alone

After work, then train your kids to be able to create their own simple drawings and color by his self. Praise your kids’s image results to make him feel confident and happy.

Those are some ways that you can do to make your kids’s creativity is increasing with the coloring. You can also stick to the results of your kids’s picture on a board in your home to make he will feel appreciated and better in the next drawing.


image via egyptianstreets