Coloring can be one activity that can eliminate boredom and can reassure us that while sad because by coloring can create a color blend, and a pretty picture with a nice selection of colors that will be able to make you feel more comfortable and quieter. And coloring is not only for kids but also for adults. Usually adults coloring is not only to hone the skills in coloring, but also for other things. For those of you who want to color to find or get something more, then there are some tips suitable for you who have grown in terms of coloring:


  1. Choose a theme coloring that suits your age

The first thing you should do is of course you have to choose a theme that matches your current age. So you’ll be finding challenges in coloring the picture.

  1. Learn to elaborate or try coloring sketch monochrome sketch

After choosing a theme, then you must learn to acquire color sketch more complicated. This sketch usually have a density between the lines is very small so you have to be more careful in coloring the picture. Or you can also learn to color investasi the monochrome sketch, and the sketch only using black and white color.

  1. More daring use of combination color

You should be bolder in using a combination of colors. Mix the colors that you like then you will create a new color that will make your pictures more life by creating beautiful color gradation.

  1. Creating a character or a story on its own coloring pages

After you are good at coloring, you also can try to create your own images or even images you can create a story. So not only your creativity will flourish, but also your thinking will evolve if you do these tips.