After We tell about 10 Tips How to coloring, Now We will tell you about 4 coloring techniques. To improve your coloring, you need some techniques.  What is it? Here 4 Coloring techniques :


1. Blocking

Blocking is a technique to block the image area with a specific color with smooth strokes.  This process usually preceded by blocking the light colors.  For example you would to color the rose, you can block the rose flower with maroon softly.

2. Gradation

After the blocking process is finished, the next you can color or coat the previously block with other colors in rhythm and graded to produce shades of beautiful and more interesting. For example, you can coat the color of the leaves with dark green and combined such that the resulting effect of dark leaves with bright trim.

In addition you can also use light dark gradation technique that is putting a dark color first and then transitioned to the lighter colors. To produce a vivid image you need to be creative in combining the techniques you use. You can only use two techniques in one area.

For additional tips, paint crayon we bought usually already prepared based on the color of adjacent level therefore try to put them back in line with the place that allows us to produce a gradation. Most car also comes with a number so that we can arrange them chronologically.

3. Mixing

The next step is mixing or blending.  This step to make the picture is like live or real.  This is combining with the gradation.  There are 2 mixing techniques.  Linear scratches and scrapes circular. For example, If you want color image of the sky, then you can use linear scratches.

4. Finishing

Finishing is checking the coloring to better quality coloring.  Technique is find coloring space that not perfect and then coloring softly the space.

At this stage We can add accents that complement the picture more interesting. On some practice, you can also do scrubbing or scraping is scraping a specific part of the image you are using scrubber for improvement.