Hello. This is the first time I write for this Blog.  I will talk about tips how to coloring with Crayon.  Everybody know Crayon is a pretty well to coloring for kids.  Why? because its a kids simple tool and easily to use.  Kids can enjoying the day by coloring with crayon. But what is the simple tips to coloring with crayon? here simple tips coloring with crayon for your kids :

coloring kids

  1. Prepare your tools, coloring page. Coloring page you can download and print in bestofcoloring.com for free.
  2. Make sure crayon is clear, not dirty.
  3. looking for the most comfortable seat.
  4. Start with left position of the picture.
  5. You can coloring with detail section for the first time. For example : eyes, tooth, etc
  6. Use the darker color at first time then use the lighter color.
  7. Be careful when coloring on the edge of the picture, do not get out of bounds
  8. Paint the entire part you want coloring so that no part of the image is empty.
  9. Note the effect of the images (gradation, thickness, etc.) to make it look nicer.
  10. Check back images that have been colored so that no parts are missing to be colored.

May this is our tips, Have you others tips? share to Us! Thanks for visiting!

image via wikimedia.org and wikipedia.org